Shooting Plan 3

For my next shoot I am going to look at street skating. Unfortunately there are few good spots to use in this area so after talking to some of the skaters we have decided to go to an old spot that we used to use last year. The location is at our old secondary school – there are a few good stair sets and benches although the ground isn’t very forgiving.


This spot is where Charlie (the skater in the last photo shoot that was ollying the four stair) learned how to olly a stair set and he is hoping to hit a different, bigger stair set just over from where he originally began learning. Seeing as he has never managed to olly a five stair this is the progressive next stage. Undoubtedly it will take a few try’s of trail and error to be able to land this trick but I will be documenting the learning curb he is taking. I feel that it is important to capture both the successful attempts and the unsuccessful as skaters only learn how to do tricks by getting hurt a bit first therefore it is a major part of the culture that is much less explored by photographers.


While we are here I am also going to be doing a fashion shoot with another skater to get a scenes of not only his personality but his style. I haven’t asked him to wear anything specific I am just going to work with whatever he chooses to wear because this makes the documentation more naturalistic and true to the skater.


Working in the style of Holland I am going to be doing this photoshoot in the late afternoon to early evening as this creates a warmer lighting. After editing the last photoshoot I experimented with warming the images however I wanted to attempt to decrease the amount I needed to edit any image as this creates a more naturalist appearance to the images and the less I do in terms of editing the more true to the documentation I am being.


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