Shooting Plan 2 – Cambridge

Tomorrow I am planning on drive me and two friends to a skate park in Cambridge for a photoshoot. We have never been here to skate before so we wanted to see what it was like. I chose to do a photoshoot here because when I was walking past the skate park the other day I really liked the colours of the ground and the trees surrounding the area looked really nice as it is spring so there is blossom on the trees.

I am intending to capture pictures of my friends skating at this skate park, I will also ask any other skaters that show up to skate here, however, due to it being a Thursday tomorrow I imagine the skate park will be quite empty. This may work to my advantage as if the skate park gets too busy I imagine it will be hard to set up a good frame.

I will be taking my Canon700D as this allows me to easily adjust the shutter speed and aperture which means I am able to capture motion without any motion blur. I am going to take my 18-55mm lens to accompany this, I have chosen this lens as 18mm is quite a wide frame which is important when capturing motion.







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