London Southbank Skatepark – Shooting Plan

I am going down to London later this week for a university taster day and while I am down I am planning on visiting the State Park located on London Southbank. This is probably the most famous skate park in the UK and draws in a large selection of skaters and tourists. In 2014 there were plans to destroy this skate park to make way for new shops and restaurants; however, after a petition that was strongly backed by Boris Johnson the council decided to not go ahead with the proposition. It is clear that this particular skate park is deeply rooted within the community and the loss of it would have had a detrimental impact on the UK skate scene.

For this shoot I want to capture the importance of this skate park and really capture the essence of the community that use it. For most of the other shoots I am planning to do I have organised groups of people to come out to locations, however I wanted this shoot to really capture the day to day feel. So instead I am just going to photograph the locals that happen to be there when I am. I will ask permission as to not make anyone feel uncomfortable and for legal reasons.

I am going to be using my Canon 700D and an 18-55mm lens. I have chosen to use this camera as it has a greater number of shutter speed and aperture therefore I will be able to get a higher quality of image that accurately capture motion. I also have chosen to take my 18-55mm lens as 18mm gives me quite a wide frame which is ideal for this subject matter.



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