Ed Templeton

Edward, “Ed” Templeton is a professional skateboarder, skateboard company owner and contemporary artist. Born in Orange County, California, Templeton started skating in 1985 in his home town of Huntingdon Beach. By pure coincidence, pro skater Mark Gonzales lived in the same town as Templeton so seeing him around probably inspired him greatly. After five years of skating Templeton became a pro skater.

When Templeton realised that Gonzales had designed his own edition of skateboard decks he believed that this was such a good idea he decided to start his business ‘Toy Machine’. As a kid this concept meant a lot to him – to own a board designed by someone he looked up to, there are no words for it.

Outside of skateboarding, Templeton is a painter, graphic designer, and photographer, areas that he has gained a reputation within without any formal training. His project, Teenage Smokers, won the Italian Search For Art competition. In this he included a series of photos documenting teenagers smoking. He has also documented skaters throughout his time as a skater.


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