Mike Blabac

Born in 1973 from Lansing, Michigan, Blabac first started skating when he was 12 years old, inspired by the photos he saw in skateboarding magazines such as Thrasher and TransWorld SKATEboarding. His inspiration in terms of skate photography comes from a long admiration of Luke Ogden, J. Grant Brittain, and Spike Jonze’s photography.

Once he got his first camera Blabac started to photograph his friends skating, as he continued to do this over the years his skill and precision with the camera improved. He began to work in a camera store which opened up opportunities to work alongside other photographers, this helped him improve his knowledge even further.

At the age of twenty Mike Blabac moved to San Francisco, which had the biggest skate scene at the time. In 1994 TransWorld SKATEboarding published a full page spread of Blabac’s image of Edward DeVera. Later that year he started working for the skateboarding company Madcircle and much more of his work was published. In the late 1990s he moved to Southern California where he worked for Girl Skateboard Company and Chocolate Skateboards as a photographer.

In 1999 Blabic began to work for DC shoes, where he still works today. As director of skateboarding photography, his job that has taken him around globe and allowed him to shoot some of the greatest skaters today, including Danny Way, Rob Dyrdek, and Josh Kalis.


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