Bryce Kanights

Bryce Kanights is a skate photographer based in San Francisco, he has captured some of the most memorable moments in skateboarding history through his photography work. His interest in the field arose after taking photos of skaters as a teenager. Being a skater himself, his involvement in the field combined with his passion and creative mindset he has been able to document several generations of teen culture as well as monumental moments in skateboarding which have shaped the revolution of board sports.

Shortly after taking up skateboarding as a hobby Kanight’s began to analys the work by photographers in Skateboarder Magazine, the collections of iconic images had a strong influence. He attempted to capture similar action shots of his friends however struggled as he only had access cheap Kodak instamatic camera. Luckily, the few good exposures he collected sparked his passion and really motivated him. As a gift for Kanight’s 6th grade graduation his farther got him a  Nikon F 35mm SLR camera. “From that point forward, I learned about shutter and film speeds, aperture, depth of field and more, and wherever my skateboarding would take me (and my friends), that camera would be along to document the sessions and good times.”

Kanights takes a lot of inspiration from music and said “Overall, music becomes a very influential and personal soundtrack to our individual lives. You can listen to a particular song and it can take you back to time where that song had a profound effect on you. Music is magical like that and I truly couldn’t live without it.”



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