Typefaces and colour scheme for my magazine

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 15.27.13

For any headlines (including the title on the magazine) and pulled quotes I used the font Didot. I chose to use this font because it look sophisticated as it is a serif. I chose to use this for the magazine title for this reason but then chose to use it again throughout for headlines as it is associated with being the first thing the reader looks at after seeing it being used for the title. I also chose to use the font for pulled quotes as the reader knows that anything in this font is important information.

For subheadings I used Hiragino Kaku Gothic StdN (W6) as this is a bolder version of the the font I used for the body copy. Therefore the reader can easily associate the two part of text. For the body copy I usedĀ Hiragino Kaku Gothic StdN (W3), again I did this so it could be associated with the subheadings easily. I chose to use a sans serif for these as the text written in this font is smaller than any headlines so the lack of feet make the text easier to read when smaller in size.

For any image descriptions, headers and folios I used the font Bodoni 72 Smallcaps. This is a sans serif like I used for the headlines again meaning the two areas of text can be associated with one another. While this is in a smaller font size and serifs are sometimes harder to read when smaller due to them having feet; I selected this font as the font only consists of uppercase lettering which is easier to read anyway.

In conclusion I used two serif typefaces – these hold the most valuable information so it was important they could easily be differentiated from the subheadings and body copy. And again I wanted the subheadings and body copy to be associated with one another so chose two (width) variations of the same font.


In terms of colour scheme I wanted to keep my magazine very minimalistic, in-fitting with contemporary magazines. So for all text apart from headlines and the magazine title (anything written in Didot) the colour of the text is black or white. This is simplistic but ensures that the text is easy to read. For my magazine title I used a red with an 85% white hue. With this being the only colour text used throughout the magazine it becomes clear that it is the magazine title. For headlines I used either a black with an 85% white hue or white text. This keeps the headline separate from the body text but as it is a different shade of the same colour it complements any other text instead of uncomfortably standing out.

In conclusion I feel like the small variations in colour help to make my magazine clearer and easier to read. But at the same time works together as a whole.


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