Using Adobe Photoshop

To start I converted the image that I wanted to edit into DNG format from RAW format using Adobe DNG Converter. Once I had done this I was able to open the image into Photoshop.  Once I had opened the image in Photoshop I started to edit it by straightening it by selecting the Straighten tool and drawing a line across the top of the bridge as I knew this was straight

.  1

1 - streightening image

Next I went in and added a Brightness and Contrast adjustment layer. This enables you to adjust the levels of both the brightness and contrast – whether you want to increase or decrease these levels depends on what you are editing and the effect you wish to achieve.


Then I added a Vibrancy adjustment layer, this contains two adjustment scales for vibrancy and saturation. On this layer I reduced the saturation making my image appear faded. I wanted to do this to reduce the dimensional feel to this image so it appears flatter and motionless (in the style of Nguan).



Finally I added a Colour balance adjustment layer. On this I reduced the levels of red which increased the levels of cyan. I Then reduced the levels of green which increased the levels of magenta. Then reduced the levels of blue increasing the levels of yellow. I feel that by doing this I made the image warmer.


This is my finished image:




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