Magazine Research

Magazine covers:

Both of these magazine covers have the company logo at the top of the cover. The W magazine cover contains more text on but ensures to not draw too much attention away from the image by choosing the positioning carefully. The Wallpaper* magazine cover contains less text and contains the majority of the text in the header (the exception being the text found in the bottom left corner). This draws more focus onto the image.


Contents page:

Both of these contents pages are set out in a grid like manor this makes the information clear and easy to read. The also both feature images that are featured within the magazine – this gives the reader an idea of what to expect. The Q magazine labels these images with the page number to which they are featured which makes this information even clearer.


Double spread:

Both of these double spreads contain a combination of images and text. The both use a different typeface for headings/subheadings so that they are easily differentiated from the main body of text. Another similarity is that they start the article with a larger letter in the same font as the main body of text in the article.

The double spread on the left focuses more on one image and the corresponding article giving it a simplistic feel. In contrast the double spread on the right has less text included in the article but a lot more images. In combination with the colour scheme and the quantity of information of this double spread makes this page a lot busier but this is fitting with what the article is about.



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