5 principles for choosing and using typefaces

1. Know your font groups- typefaces can be grouped into dozens of subcategories, but there are five main groups (geometric, humanist, old style, modern, transitional & slab serif)

2. Select a font that expresses your personality – it is always important to insert your personality into your work, it is possible to do this when selecting a typeface . The typeface you select may be one of the first things your clients will see, so it is important to express your personality and your business persona.

3. A little goes a long way – fonts with a lot of personality are best used less frquently as this makes their message more powerful. This would be appropriate for a logo for example.

4.  Corespond and contrast – experiment with two fonts to create an interesting appearance. Two fonts will work well together if they are the same height and stroke weight. It is best to avoid using two fonts from the same family as this look unintentional and unprofessional.

5. There are no rules – dare to be different and stand out – there are no set rules. Experiment and find what works best for you


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