Experimental Album Covers

Before meeting our clients to design them an album cover I took four portraits and created album covers based on these. I wanted to show how different genres of music result in compleatly different album artwork.



Starting with this image I decided that I wanted this album artwork to reflect the genre of indie pop.



I slightly altered the colours and made some corrections using the dodge and burn tool as this creates more contrast and help to draw focus onto the area that I want to emphasise. For the album title I selected the font ‘Snell Roundhand Black’ as this appears as an elegant font which links it to femininity. I feel like this makes it appropriate for a girl band.   I chose to make the text a pale baby blue as this complements the other colours presented in the image. Whilst be complementory it is also far enough from the pinks and lilac on the colour wheel to boldly stand out over anything else.



For this image I wanted to break stereotypes and turn this into a classical album.


For this image I layered some sheet music over the background and the models shirt. Sheet music is most commonly associate with classical music therefore I feel it is successful at portraying the genre I selected. I then used the liquify tool to distort the image. For the font I used Charter Italic and Charter as these are simplistic, clear typefaces. The Italic album title can be associated with the typeface of the text on the sheet music as that also appears in italic. This meant that my text is complementary with the sheet music but distinguishable from it.


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