Album Art – Shooting Plan

After some discussion we decided to create a new artwork for the album ‘The Colour In Anything’ by the artist James Blake. We selected this album because not only did it not have a photographic cover (so there was room for us to explore and be original) but also it has a wide range of tracks that we found inspiring in the process. The album explore contemporary R&B and electropop making it a very unique album as these are quite unexplored genres of music. The contemporary element allows us to be more experimental with our artwork.



We are planning on doing a studio based photoshoot for the front and back covers. We want to embed our model in colour – fitting with the title. In order to do this we are going to experiment with lighting patterns using shadows to symbolize darker emotions seen throughout the album.

We wanted to make a record sleeve that folds open (a double EP). For the inside of the album we want to insert some landscape photography. We feel that this would not only balance the artwork by having both an artificial environment and a natural environment but also nature is a key component for this album. As I am going to Iceland in the upcoming week I will photograph some landscapes. As the selected image from this shoot will be over a double spread I feel it is important to capture landscapes that display symmetry as this will make for a more visual pleasing product.


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