Selecting My Typeface

In order to select a typeface that is representative of my personality I started by looking at serifs and sans-serifs, tracking and kerning, hierarchy and scale, etc. Once I had re-visited these I began to look at different fonts. I will be using this research for my promotional campaign as I feel it is important to be consistent throughout the whole campaign as this will give my own recognizable style and image.


I had already decided that I wanted to find two fonts – one of which would be used for titles and subtitles and the second for larger bodies of text. For the titles I wanted to find a more artistic typeface as this will make my articles more eye catching and draw the audience in. I feel that this will also be fitting with the theme of my blog. For the second font I want to find a clear and nationalistic typeface. I made this decision because this text will be smaller than the titles and sub-titles therefore it should be clear and easy to read so that it flows easily and the readers don’t get overly distracted by the typeface.


For the titles and sub-titles I have selected ‘Apple Chance Chancery’. This typeface is very unique and distinguishable therefore I believe it it memorable. This means that people could easily associate it with my image. screen-shot-2017-01-25-at-14-07-55


For my second font I selected the second font to complement the fist. This font is very clear and minimalist making it easier to read this is more important for the second typeface as it will be used for smaller text that appears in a large body such as a paragraph.  Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 15.03.33.png


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