Jonathan Zawada

Jonathan Zawada is an Australian visual artist, graphic designer and creative artist. Over the past few years he has worked alongside many musicians creating album artwork. Some of his clientele have included the likes of Flume, Mark Pritchard, Classixx, Baauer and many others.


Other than working alongside musicians, Zawada has also worked for a variety of clientele in other branches of the arts. An example of this is his art direction and textile designs for ‘Romance Was Born’ Tripsy Gypsy collection.

hori-comp-1As well as creating clothing for Sixpack and Grand Scheme. This included hats, coats, sweaters, skirts, play-suits, shirts, blouses, etc.


Zawada has explored a range of techniques throughout his work but there is a clear style to all of his work. The idea of shape, colour and nature is present in all of his work. This shows a clear influence of nature throughout. His work with shape shows and exploration of geometry contrasting with a-symmetry. This creates a visually stimulating piece as it gives the idea of perfection and imperfection combined in one piece. Not only this but he also explores colour while consistently showing his understating of complementary colours as well as his understanding of colour symbolism. Finally the is a continuing theme of nature in all of Zawada’s work especially focusing on floral designs in his textile and graphics work as well as photographing many landscapes and natural objects.



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