The importance of Self-Promotion for Artists



It is a necessity for all artist to promote their own work as this is how they gain a wider clientele and therefore a large enough income. Without self-promotion it is hard to gain any recognition for you work. Self-promotion consists of more than just promoting you work; but also promoting exhibitions, print sales and interviews. By doing this, you can branch out to a wider audience and through the use of multimedia gain a wider response. Some examples of multimedia that can be used to achieve this are; posters, bill borders, online adverts (e.g. on facebook), flyers, business cards, etc.


Self-promotion is used by many branches in the arts, for example artists, photographers, graphic designers, musicians, animators, actors, etc. These are some examples of promotional campaigns:


 Grey Reverend: St. John’s at Bethnal Green

This was a campaign for the musician Grey Reverend’s last ever show organised by The Pound Club.


The promotional material consisted of flyers these were shared on social media as well as being handed out after a show by The Cinematic Orchestra in London. I feel that these methods worked well. In terms of the online campaign, the flyers were shared by Grey Reverend, The Pound Club and some followers of both parties as well as the support acts. This allowed the information to reach pre-established fans of both parties. Flyers were also handed out after a show by The Cinematic Orchestra, this was because Grey Reverend is in association this this group and was playing with them at the gig. I feel that the promotional campaign was successful at reaching a small audience that would have been interested by the show, however, it only reached a small audience so could have been more successful by being promoted more publicly to reach a wider audience.

The flyer itself was successful as it has a large image of Grey Reverend as well as containing the date, time and location of the show. Not only this, but it also shows the name of the promotor: The Pound Club. I got to work in association with The Pound Club so also received some information from people who attended the concert. The reception was widely received and the feedback was very positive. So even though this campaign didn’t reach a wide audience it was successful amounts the audience those it reached.


 Victoria and Albert: David Bowie Exhibition

 Using the tagline became ‘David Bowie Is watching you’, or ‘David Bowie is ahead of himself’, the David Bowie Exhibition was promoted using a range of mediums. Some examples of these are posters, flyers, an online campaign, etc. The social media campaign was shared on sighs such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and were widely shared due to Bowies large fan base. The posters were displayed in locations such as tube stations so would have been seen by millions. This is a very effective location to display promotional material especially for events within London as those who see the posters are within a close proximity to the location of the exhibition.


The poster as a whole presents the theme of Bowie well by using a large and famous image of him. It also clearly shows the dates of the exhibition. However the location may be unclear to anyone who doesn’t recognise the Victoria and Albert logo. Unfortunately the name of the artist isn’t on some of the posters and on those where it is present it is very small and unclear.  This campaign is very good at promotion both the exhibition and David Bowie however unsuccessful at promotion the artist who composed the exhibition.



Tate Modern: Relaunch Pin

This is a small pin that is promoting the relaunch of the Tate modern. Because of the vibrant colours this piece is very eye catching so will attract a lot of attention. I think this is a successful piece of promotional material as it will been seen by many people if the pin is worn in view. However, it is a very small piece so might not be obvious to those how just catch a glance of it. Because it is made of metal it will most likely last for a long period of time without being damaged so this may allow more people to come across it. The biggest downside to this piece is the lack of text so I think this could be improved by the addition of some text e.g. ‘Tate’ or ‘Tate Modern’ as some people might not know what it is advertising.


Because this piece is for the whole gallery it is a way of timelessly promoting any artist work that is featured in the Tate Modern. But in the same way no names are given directly and it is up to those who are interested to go and find some information out about them.



In conclusion there are many different form of promotional material that are succesful as long as the correct information is provided. I believe that having a variety of these promotional materials is the best option as you can reach a wider audience. Generally speaking it is also advisable to promote your work within the local area as this means it is easily accessible and therefore more appealing to those who respond to the promotional campaign.




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