First experimentation with UV

Over this summer I wanted to experiment with some new techniques so after asking my friend to model with me obtained some UV paint and a black light. There was no particular idea or purpose behind this shoot it was more for our entertainment than anything else. However, it did teach me about shooting in low light conditions which I had never really done before.

I wanted the model to not be the focus of the images I was creating, but instead I wanted the facial structure revealed by the paint to be the focus. I created the speckled affect by splattering UV paint onto his face. Because we did this outside we didn’t think that the technique had been very effective… but when we walked into the room with the black light we were shocked at how vibrant his face had become.


We went about taking shots from various angels, I experimented with ISO and shutter speed to get a selection of shots. My three favorite are shown bellow:



To edit these I increased the contrast and vibrancy. For the last two images I added additional colour by using a specked paintbrush tool on Photoshop.


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