Using Lightroom

After importing all the images from my shoot onto Lightroom creating a catalog I was able to look through all of my images and select my favorites. I would move these images into a separate library where I could keep them together for future editing.


Once I had done this I went onto the library I had created and began editing. By looking at the histogram on the right of the screen, I was able to examine the exposure and see if any changes needed to be made. By clicking on either end of the axis on the histogram any overexposed/underexposed areas would be highlighted.



I was also able to correct white balance by using the white balance selector tool. By selecting a ‘neutral’ area (a white, grey or black area) and clicking on this area with the tool Lightroom will automatically change the temperature and tint of the image. If this is still not quite correct you can manually adjust these settings but this tool works well as a starting point even if it isn’t always 100% accurate.


An advantage to Lightroom compared to Photoshot is the clarity and sharpening adjustment features. Although Photoshop has these features I always find I can never quite get the result I am looking for. However these features are easily and accurately adjusted on Lightroom by using the levelers.I feel that this also goes for noise reduction.


Another benefit is that you can adjust perspective. I think this works really well when working with any image but I find it especially useful when editing images of architecture as you can achieve parallel lines which make the image more visually and aesthetically pleasing.


One of my favorite features of Lightroom is that you can constantly compare your current work with its original image and there are multiple options for these layouts. This helps you to spot subtle things that you may miss once you have started to edit (and its always nice to see how far you work is progressing as you’re working on it).





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