Location Photography

Location photography is done within a particular area out of the studio. This could be a city, a street, a venue, a beach, nature reserve, etc. Unlike studio photography the conditions and environment is uncontrollable this helps to create naturalistic images.


Because of the factors that are constantly changing you need to be able to think on your feet by taking account of what has changed and respond effectively. This is important when it comes to lighting for example if it is a cloudy day the light intensity may change – it is useful to have a light meter to help you measure these changes. It may also be useful to consider bringing an external flash and diffuser to help add to the lighting but not to make it too artificial. The weather is another factor that is constantly changing. Although this may be frustrating you can check the weather reports frequently when trying to plan a photoshoot. It is also important to take into account that the weather can hugely add to an image by creating an atmosphere.



Before going on a location shoot it is important to take in to account any health and safety. An example of this is appropriate clothing depending on the weather. For any models or assistance taking park in the photoshoot that they are kept safe at any time by being aware of hazards. If you see anyone in danger it is your responsibility to remove them from the hazardous situation.



Another aspect of location photography that it is important to take into account are the laws and legal rights associated with the location you want to use. If the land/property you want to use for your photoshoot is private then it is vital that you seek the owner’s permission before carrying out the shoot. If this procedure does not occur the photographer may be prosecuted.


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