Photoshoot 1 – The Square Mile

This photo shoot was inspired by the works of Hank Frenz, Fredrich Neumann and Jonathan Zawada. After studying their work I chose to do a studio shoot as they all worked with this technique to create simple, focused, minimalistic work. I felt that this helped to really capture what their message for their work was about as the audience is not distracted by other aspects of the surroundings.


After being inspired by the nature in my chosen square mile I went out and collected leaves from plants in that area. I next went about adding colour to these leaves in the form of paint. I selected to use two colours; these were pink and blue. I chose these colours after doing research into the symbolic meaning of colour. Pink symbolises the idea of nostalgia – this is very relevant to my square mile as I chose to focus on this area due to the many memories I have of this area. I chose blue to accompany the pink as it symbolises tranquillity and I personally feel that this is the atmosphere created in this area.


I experimented with a few different techniques of applying paint onto the leaves such as dripping paint, using a paintbrush and dipping the leaves in paint. These different techniques produced very different images as they created different textures and levels of colour.


Paint dripped on leaf


Paint dripped on leaf


Painted on using a paintbrush


Painted on using a paintbrush


Painted on using a paintbrush


Dipped in paint


Half dipped in paint


Half dipped in paint


I feel like the images that worked best were the two of the leaf that were half dipped in paint as they are the perfect balance of natural and artificial. This also shows a 50:50 split between my square mile and personality.


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